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Located in DuPage County in the western suburbs of Chicago and tucked away on the 11-acre campus of Woodridge Interventions, the Naperville Bridge School serves up to 50 youth from Naperville School District 203 by offering two distinctly different educational programs for youth with special education and alternative service needs.

The Naperville Bridge Day School is a non-public educational program designed to serve up to 30 youth, ages 14 through 21 (grades 9-12), who have a primary eligibility of emotionally disabled, behavior disordered, or other health impaired and may have a secondary eligibility established due to a learning disability. Adolescents admitted to the day school program would present with behaviors that include:

• School Refusal
• Oppositional/Defiant Behavior
• Aggressive/Destructive Behavior
• Poor Impulse Control
• Truancy
• Substance Abuse

And the Naperville Alternative Learning Opportunity Program (ALOP) is a non-public educational program designed to serve up to 20 youth, ages 14-18, who are at risk of academic failure. Students in grades 9 through 12 who meet enrollment criteria established by Naperville District 203 and who meet the definition of “at risk of academic failure” are eligible to participate in the ALOP program. A student is considered “at risk of academic failure” if he or she:

• Is at risk of failing to meet the Common Core Standards or failing to graduate
• Demonstrates a need for educational support or social services beyond the regular school program

Both Naperville Bridge School programs offer a safe, structured and positive environment with a flexible service delivery model that is individualized to meet academic needs and graduation requirements of at risk students. Our school provides an educational program focused on active learning with an emphasis on differentiated instruction, individualized direction, a safe learning environment, and celebration of personal accomplishments. Classes are taught by highly qualified teaching staff and receive the support of an in-room intervention specialist assisting the students with their own personal progress on social and emotional goals. Staff are certified or licensed by the State of Illinois. Rigorous in-service is provided to all personnel to enhance professional credentials and ensure program fidelity. We utilize Naperville SD 203 curriculum, textbooks and supplemental materials in all of our classes. And we seek to replicate District 203 content, but with additional individualized support to meet the unique needs of our students.

Additional Services

  • Specific social-emotional development support for improving effective pro-social skills, healthy self-concept, and personal success.
  • Personal management skills development to assist students in assuming greater skill and responsibility for acquiring positive behavioral attitudes.
  • Special Education Services for students with severe and chronic emotional and behavior problems.
  • Parental support and education.
  • Truancy management support and intervention.
  • School-based drug and alcohol abuse education and intervention (for identified students).
  • Reintegration planning to prepare the student to return to their home school.

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