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Abraxas Academy, located in Morgantown, Pennsylvania is a multi-service facility which offers Secure Residential Treatment; Transitional Living and Secure Detention Services.

Our secure residential treatment program provides specialized care for delinquent male youth between the ages of 14 to 18 in 9th grade or above. Treatment at the Academy is for youth who demonstrate a consistent display of delinquent patterns through multiple placements, serious charges, and problematic behaviors. Youth are admitted to the Academy for either habitual offending behaviors or for a history of sexual offending behavior.

Abraxas academy’s approach to care and treatment

is trauma-informed,
comprehensive and holistic.

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Abraxas Academy

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Abraxas Academy’s approach to care and treatment is trauma-informed, comprehensive and holistic. Treatment emphasizes the enhancement of physical, social, emotional and academic development. Upon admission, all residents undergo a comprehensive intake process utilizing a wide variety of assessments. The program offers a combination of treatment modalities. Key therapeutic interventions include individual, group and family therapy. Therapeutic groups are facilitated by masters level clinicians and psychoeducational groups are facilitated by treatment staff. Groups specifically address the residents' criminogenic needs. Specific focus is placed on Attitudes and Orientation, Personality/Behavior and behavioral Health, Peer Relations, and Family Circumstance. Clinical staff assess competencies through the youth’s ability to comprehend, internalize, and finally apply learned concepts. Through progressive stages of clinical treatment, residents are expected to establish a better understanding of their offense, healthy boundaries, decision making, relationships, empathy, relapse prevention, and overall accountability for their behavior and contributing issues that led to placement.

Abraxas Academy Secure Treatment Program offers three different treatment tracks to meet each individual resident's needs

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The on-site private high school is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

  • Students attend school daily and can earn credits that can be transferred to their home school upon discharge
  • Diploma and GED options are available
  • Certified GED and SAT testing site
  • Individualized assistance and tutoring is available
  • Special Education teachers work with all IEP students to make sure their individual education plans are followed correctly
  • Keystone Exams are offered
Career and Technical Education to include certifications and employability training in specific areas.

Opportunities are available in Culinary Arts, Electrical, Horticulture and Carpentry.

The following training certifications are provided to youth to improve their employability potential: OSHA 10, ServSafe, and First Aid & CPR.

The Academy has partnered with Berks Career and Technology Center to provide residents with hands-on career and technical education opportunities. With the approval of The Court, select students will be provided the opportunity to participate in this off-grounds learning experience.

Work Experience

Once residents reach a certain level in treatment and with a court order, they are eligible to work off-site at local establishments.

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Youth are provided opportunities to earn community service and to earn money to pay toward their fines, costs and restitution. Youth are involved in structured recreational programs on a weekly basis to promote pro-social skills, develop positive self-image and increase self-esteem. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of healthy, drug-free leisure activities. Activities include indoor and outdoor athletic games, climbing wall, music, arts/crafts, and cooking.

Family therapy is offered and encouraged every two weeks and the session is guided by the treatment plan. Abraxas Academy will provide transportation for approved family members to visit once a month. Case managers and/or clinicians provide families with bi-weekly phone updates. Families are invited to participate in quarterly treatment meetings via telephone or in person. Both teleconferencing and video conferencing are available upon request

The Abraxas Academy Next Step Transitional Living Program is an open residential program for delinquent and/or dependent male youth ages 16 to 18 with a focus on completing high school, obtaining employment, career and/or college planning and daily living skills.

Youth who have not yet obtained their diploma or GED, will attend high school at our on-site, private school (9AM–2:30PM M-F) coupled with part-time employment.

Those with a diploma or GED can choose from two different tracks:

  • Track 1: Youth who have a desire to attend college courses with the goal of obtaining a college degree. These residents will be required to obtain part time employment while developing the skills necessary to be successful living in a college environment.
  • Track 2: Youth who are interested in full-time employment or those interested in part-time employment while participating in a technical education program.


  • All youth will be required to obtain part-time or full-time employment within 30 days of admission and discharge criteria stipulates that specific dollar amounts be earned/saved – focus will be on jobs that can be transferrable to their home community
  • Individualized planning based on each youth’s unique situation and needs
  • Daily self-guided life skill work, weekly individual counseling sessions and weekly group sessions utilizing Preparing Adolescents for Young Adulthood (PAYA) Life Skill Modules
  • Off grounds educational activities and appropriate social engagement opportunities
  • Off-site NA and AA meetings
  • Community service opportunities
  • Family involvement

Accreditations & Certifications

PREA Facility

Abraxas Academy is a certified PREA Facility

Joint Commission

Abraxas Academy is accredited by The Joint Commission

Sanctuary Institute

Abraxas Academy has partnered with the Sanctuary Institute for clinical and organizational change


Abraxas Academy is affiliated with the Pennsylvania Academic Career/Technical Training Alliance