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Hector Garza Center

The Hector Garza Center is a Joint Commission accredited residential treatment center located in San Antonio, Texas. Services at Hector Garza are available to both male and female youth, ages 10 to 17, who are experiencing emotional, behavioral, psychological, educational, and social problems.

Hector Garza Center provides residential treatment at the Specialized Service Level and the Intensive Service Level, as well as Intensive Psychiatric Transition Program (IPTP) services as determined by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. We also offer substance abuse prevention, education, and treatment services to any Hector Garza residents who have a history of drug or alcohol experimentation or abuse.

Our spacious facility is situated on a 12-acre suburban campus just 15 minutes north of downtown San Antonio. The facility hosts an on-site school, gymnasium, commercial kitchen, cafeteria, group and resident rooms, conference rooms, laundry facilities, a full size swimming pool, and generous outdoor athletics and recreation space.

At Hector Garza, we strive to provide unique, therapeutic opportunities for youth.

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Hector Garza Center

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Treatment services at Hector Garza are provided to all youth according to their individualized treatment plans and are designed to maintain and improve functioning. The treatment plan development and review process is coordinated and implemented by each resident’s assigned licensed, master’s level therapist. A multi-disciplinary team approach is utilized to ensure effective communication and teamwork during the treatment planning process. Services are provided to focus on and cover a broad array of treatment areas that relate to delinquent, maladaptive or dysfunctional behaviors. These processes vary in structure and design, but all encourage active participation from the youth

Key Services

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Aggression Replacement Training®
  • Substance Abuse Prevention, Education, and Treatment
  • Psychiatric and Psychological Services
  • Psycho-Educational Groups (Life Skills)

Hector Garza Center has a partnership with Triple H Ranch to provide Equine Therapy for those selected youth that may benefit from this specialized intervention.

Therapists are trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. As providers of TF-CBT, therapists recognize the effects of trauma in youth both developmentally and behaviorally, implement early identification strategies and assess for trauma, and use proven interventions for treatment. Play Therapy, Sand Therapy and Equine Therapy are all utilized on an individualized basis.

Hector Garza utilizes the Sanctuary Model for Trauma Informed Care as the framework for treatment. The Sanctuary Model is a blueprint for clinical and organizational change which, at its core, promotes safety and recovery from adversity through the active creation of a trauma-informed community. We promote and residents commit to a culture of non-violence, emotional intelligence, social learning, democracy, open communication, social responsibility, and growth & change.

Educational services are provided on-site at the Hector Garza Center through our partnership with the John H. Wood Jr. Inspire Academy. The school utilizes the JHW-Braination District Residential Learning Model, a research-driven, evidenced-based approach to quality education for students in residential facilities.

This multi-tiered, personalized, and holistic model leads to differentiated instruction and student-led inquiry for a lifetime of learning and positive decision-making. At the core of the residential learning model is a foundation curriculum, delivered through our 7 Step Instructional Model. The 7 Step Model is personalized for students based on data from comprehensive assessments. The residential learning model is supported by specialized professional staff including a highly qualified and dually certified teaching staff (content/grade levels and special education certifications), school psychologists (LLSPs), special education inclusion teachers, and highly qualified instructional assistants. Collaboration with treatment staff and facility staff ensures a balanced approach to learning and recovery.

SMART Boards, virtual desktops, laptops, and personal learning devices are all used for core instruction and enrichment.

Included in a student’s instructional toolkit are programs such as:
  • Renaissance Place Star Reading and Math for diagnostic assessments and Accelerated Math for math skills development
  • Reading Plus - utilized to develop reading proficiency and comprehension skills
  • The A+ Learning System - used for credit recovery, acceleration, and enrichment.

Students can accrue credits, recover credits, and/or accelerate credit accrual. Students enroll in English, Math, Science and Social Studies based on ability and prior course completions. Students also participate in enrichment and elective courses, such as Life College, a course which develops life and social skills in preparing them for transition to non-residential school and life. Credits and course work transfer back to home schools upon discharge from Hector Garza

We welcome and encourage families to be involved with their children’s treatment from the day of admission at Hector Garza. We strongly believe that family involvement in the treatment process helps to create positive treatment outcomes. Each youth’s therapist will work closely with family members to seek input into the treatment process, facilitate regular communications on child and family issues, and to plan for continuing care or reunification upon their child’s discharge from Hector Garza. Family therapy sessions are based on each resident’s individual needs and can be conducted at the facility or via telephone. Family members are encouraged to set up appointments to visit residents during weekend visitation hours. As each youth successfully meets treatment objectives and moves closer to a successful discharge, he or she will have an increased opportunity to participate in day or overnight passes with family members in order to help facilitate the reunification process.

Youth at Hector Garza can earn up to 100 hours of community service in a six month period through the facility’s community service program. Residents are given the opportunity to perform off-campus services in an effort to benefit their community.

Our partner organizations in the community service program include:
  • City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department
  • San Antonio’s Graffiti Removal Program
  • San Antonio Animal Defense League
  • Mission Road Developmental Center (special-needs children)
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Special Olympic Volunteer Program
  • Saddle Light Center (caring for and grooming horses)

Hector Garza offers a wide variety of athletic and recreational services. These services teach values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, work ethic, respect and overcoming adversity. They are intended to provide an outlet for youth and to promote the therapeutic value that sports can offer to children. In addition, recreational services introduce those in care to fundamentals, skills and proper techniques around becoming a better team player.

Texas Charter School Academic and Athletic League Sports
  • Soccer
  • Flag Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Boys Scouts of America (low and high level ropes courses)

Attendance at various sporting events:
  • San Antonio Spurs Basketball
  • San Antonio FC Soccer
  • San Antonio Missions Minor League Baseball
  • San Antonio Rampage Hockey

Accreditations & Certifications

PREA Facility

Hector Garza is a certified PREA Facility

Joint Commission

Hector Garza is accredited by The Joint Commission

Sanctuary Certified

Hector Garza Center is a certified Sanctuary facility